Iowa Brag

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An award-winning social media movement worth bragging about.


Create a leave-behind at the 2013 University of Iowa Alumni Hawkeye Huddle to showcase why Iowa City is a great place to live, work, and play. At its core, the assignment was more complicated: give those who have loved, and ultimately left Iowa City, the inspiration they need to return. Iowans have trouble boasting about what makes their home so great.


With the help of clever, shareable content, and a custom Tumblr site to serve as our hub, we made the act of bragging easy, and rewarded. We directed traffic from to ICAD Group’s, an online destination for information about moving to the corridor. From this marriage of shareable micro-content, to tangible area resources, Iowa Brag was born.

In year one, @IowaBrag generated
1.6 million impressions
on its organic tweets alone.

built to share

@IowaBrag tweets were retweeted more than 2500 times in its first year. Some second-year posts were shared more than a thousand times individually.

goal crushing

IowaBrag referrals lifted visits by 50% in the campaign period, and improved bounce rates by 70%.

word-of-mouth matters

#IowaBrag has been cemented into the lexicon of Iowa supporters, with new hashtag mentions every day.

Iowa Brag has created a vehicle for Iowans to be outwardly boastful about their state, and former Iowans to take pride in where they’ve come from. You don’t just share news now. You #IowaBrag it.

Iowa Brag has grown to become a trademarked brand attached to many incredible movements. (It’s also won advertising awards across the Midwest.) A special shoutout to ICAD, Creative Mellen, our passionate community supporters, and Sculpt designers and community managers (Eric, Brook, Mac, Talya) who helped bring the brand to life.

#IowaBrag with us
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