NETSCOUT: Demand Gen Creative for a Security Leader

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They stop threats. We stop thumbs. Learn more about our multi-year social creative partnership.


NETSCOUT sells security and monitoring solutions to the largest organizations in the world. They need continuous engagement with key decision makers. Their challenge isn’t pillar content creation, but improving its distribution, message resonance, and visibility over competitors.


DSL collaborates with the NETSCOUT digital marketing and creative teams + agencies to develop social-friendly creative assets for all brand, solution, and event campaigns.


DSL provides a wide variety of paid and organic social creative for campaigns at a high production value—without sacrificing precious internal design resources. Like other successful pilots, our initial creative assignment has evolved into a multi-year relationship supporting a variety of demand generation campaigns.

We produce hundreds of creatives that contribute to traffic, MQLs, & SOV goals.

thought leadership campaigns

Pillar thought leadership campaigns are big investments that require a coordinated approach. To support their annual threat reports, we atomize visualizations, takeaways, and statistics into compelling, cohesive ads that drive demand.

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