Collective Data: Aligning marketing and
sales for higher conversions

lead generation

Their story sounded familiar: B2B SaaS needs leads. Here’s what happened next.


Headquartered in Cedar Rapids, IA, Collective Data has supported private companies and government agencies for the last 20 years. Their software solution gives leadership greater visibility of their day-to-day so they can work on their business not in it. That’s what we call efficiency.


Collective Data’s sales team aimed to increase the number of qualified demos nationwide while targeting law enforcement prospects more efficiently. They brought in Sculpt to help make that a reality by aligning their digital marketing activities with their sales team’s goals.


In our kickoff, DSL identified a primary goal of reaching 10,000 followers, so we could begin sharing swipe-up story links. From there, we focused on creating useful, entertaining, and consistent content for college-aged students, knowing that one of the biggest challenges would be capturing (and holding!) a younger audience’s attention. Finally, Sculpt paired a proactive community management strategy with the use of “studygram” influencers and user-generated content to boost reach and engagement.

defining the customer

In our kickoff, we helped the Collective Data team zero in on how to reach more law enforcement prospects by mapping out the customer value journey and defining key performance indicators for cost-per-lead and cost-per-demos. We extensively discussed their target personas including who they were, what titles they had, their concerns and how to communicate with them.

targeted paid acquisition

LinkedIn ads drove busy law enforcement professionals to a content offer designed to save them time. We used Linkedin’s native lead forms to capture names and titles seamlessly then route the contact info for email nurturing. Simultaneously, we used paid search and display remarketing to move middle-of-funnel prospects to action.

starting a conversation

With the goal of increasing on site conversions, Collective Data upgraded their conversational marketing game with Drift. Sculpt helped guide them through setting clear, attainable goals and the set-up process. After installation, we continued to consult on best practices, which plays to build, and playbook performance.

marketing & sales alignment

To further align sales goals and marketing efforts, Collective Data migrated their CRM to HubSpot. Sculpt assisted with onboarding and provided continuing support, training, and management of the team’s HubSpot Portal. We also guided the team through building a marketing/sales handoff process with customized worksheets and resource recommendations.

our results

Collective Data saw a significant lift in conversion rates with an average 8-12% lead conversion from online advertising—experiencing a high of 18% in October 2019. We also drove the average cost-per-lead down by 70% from their previous lead acquisition channel.

our impact

The Pearson Learners account has a clear and focused brand voice now. Most importantly, Pearson’s internal team now has the organic social know-how to plan and develop content that will maintain their follower count, engage their audience more directly and authentically, and continue building off of this success.

What is most impressive is their willingness to help, and
they truly look at our partnership as a PARTNERSHIP. They
are not just providing a service, but they are succeeding
with us, and we are one team.

Ready to grow? We’re ready to go.