Blend - Scaling up social creative for a
FinTech Unicorn

b2b social media

As hyper-growth startup Blend ramped up brand and demand campaigns, they tapped DSL to power their ad creative.

our brief

As ramped up ABM, social, content, and demand-gen campaigns, they built lots of long-form content. Whitepapers, webinars — you name it. The challenge? How do you distribute them on social in formats that actually perform.

our approach

One campaign becomes dozens of assets. Sculpt joined Blend’s Asana and became a part of the campaign workflow. Then, DSL repurposed pillar content into batches of dozens and eventually hundreds of thumb-stopping post and ad variants formatted for every placement possible.

our impact

DSL provided expedited creative for high-impact campaigns at a high production value (without sacrificing precious internal resources). One pilot project turned into a multi-year relationship as the elevated campaigns outperformed baseline campaigns on CPC and CPL against their ABM target accounts (sometimes as much as a 50% higher CTR).

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